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Raye, 17, and I like to do stuff.
I wish I was a Cat.
Some important things to know about me is that I love Hannibal, Lord of The Rings, BBC Sherlock, Homestuck, Kingdom Hearts, and various other things (many different anime/manga).
I can never keep a drawing style consistent, I want to, but I use whatever style is needed for the picture.
You can expect a lot of OC's from me, a butt-load of chibi's, and some photos every now and then.
I really suck at digital art, I can't even understand how people do it.
(/Q u Q)/

What sort of drawing tools do you use?: Ergo/crayola pencil crayons, Prismicolors/Copic Markers, lots of pens & white ink.
What part of Canada are you from?: British Columbia
Who are your favorite Homestuck Characters?: Rose, Dirk, Tavros, Gamzee, Eridan, Nepeta & Equius.
OTP(s)?: Johnlock, GamTav, HanniGraham, & many, many more
Where are your OC's from?: Most of them from an RP with my long time friend Cassanova-Star, a world mixed in with KH.
What does "SMAFpro" stand for?: "SML" are my initials & signature, "LAF" being the beginning of my last name. "SM(L)AF" plus Productions (Pro) = SMAFpro

Long-time-no-journal I feel... > u >;;
Or art updates
...sorry about that.

 The Summer got pretty busy after I did my last journal, and for lack of better explanation, I was distracted as usual by Tumblr.
//regret nothing//
So, my Summer was really awesome in the end. I went to Anime Revolution in August & as it was my first con it was an amazing and totally awesome experience(!!!)! I had so much fun at it, and my cosplay's went smoothly throughout the day with only a few minor mishaps with them. n _ n
I will defiantly post some photo's from the con, even though it's hard because I'm too picky about some of the pictures of myself to post a lot... > . >;;

Anyways, I have some really rad cospaly planned for my next con, which could possibly be at Sakura Con in Seattle(???) but no promises on that yet. 
I am doing an Attack on Titan cosplay with two of my friends, myself as Ymir (<3), and my two friends as Christa & Sasha. I totally stoked that I get to be my favorite character. 
I am also looking into other cosplay from Vocaloid, Magi & a few others. akljfdajsdgj 
but how do money?? (/Q A Q)/

Anyways, I'm back to school for my Grad year. 
**rolls around**
I really hate school so usually I draw during it to 'get away' so maybe that'll produce more drawings(??).
(or an uncanny amount of useless Homestuck doodles...)
 I don't know if I have anything else to inform you mysterious and probably small amount of people who actually read these journals?? 
Oh wait, my friend got a body pillow at the 'Con so I'm incredibly jealous and want to get one now (preferably with Axel from Kingdom Hearts on it) ; u ;

okaygoodbyethankyouforwatchingme :heart:

  • Mood: Regretful
  • Listening to: This is Home - Switchfoot
  • Reading: Madman&#039;s Daughter
  • Drinking: Green Tea

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Thank you for favoriting my sky pirate Homestuck AU!

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I feel like asking you for help with my Hetalia Oc since all yours are so cute and everything xD
SMAFpro Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw Thank you! (/o u o)/ 

 Well what is the country you are designing the Hetalia OC for? :> 
Blazethecat321 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
I'm fixing her up xD

She's a territory-
NWT ;v;
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Thanks for the fav! Have a llama.
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You're such a precious jewel. by Niissi
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Thanks for the :+fav: on Rose! :)
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